Wednesday, December 14, 2011

sigh...abandon ship.

Here's a pencilled page from my own project. I finished the entire first issue but now I'm having second thoughts about the story. You see it was my stubborn nature that made me write, rewrite and then draw and re draw the concept. and in the end i landed with a workable story (3 acts, complex characters. visual metaphors, ironic down ending, the whole nine yards) except I missed the first rule of writing sci fi. Which is; every sci fi story needs one technological invention or some futuristic event at the heart of it. This was just a noirish story set in a sci fi world. Looking back at it, the story could've been set in the real world and nothing much would've changed. I might go back and rework it later because I like the characters but after all the months I've already spent on it (nearly a year)I think I'm pretty sick of it. Working on something until its perfect is one thing but there's something to be said about letting go of lost causes. Also, I learned how to write stories from screen writing blogs and books. It helped me a lot but it kinda made the story 'decompressed'. that style of storytelling may have been in vogue some years ago but I'm personally pretty sick of it. I just want to make a fun comic book. The kind of comics that I used to read as a kid. Some magic, some action, places I have never seen before, cool villains, tragic heroes and gorgeous babes. I want to make the kind of comic book that I can pick up and enjoy for 15 mins and that's pretty much it. No earth shattering revelations, nothing about human nature or the bitter realities of the modern world. (Whats so great about reality anyway?) Funny enough, this was my intention all along but somewhere along the way I guess I went off track. To tell you the truth I don't like to write. every time I do, it feels like I'm literally switching from one side of my brain to the other. I can draw forever though :)

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  1. I believe you can draw forever. Even if you decide to scrap it all together, I wouldn't mind seeing more on here.